The first impression potential customers will get of your business is in most cases via your website. Your website’s design, look and feel may attract or distract your customers. The website should reflect the right first impression of your business regarding professionalism and trustworthiness. More….

Graphic Design

Graphic Design, like Website Design, is a specialized art. Since we at Lalakoi started with our designing business in 2003 we realized that we really have a passion for what we are doing. Nearly 95% of all the Graphics for our printed media and websites were designed by our in-house designers. More…


We host our sites on known and reputable servers. Our servers are secure and monitored on a 24 hour basis. Backups are done on a daily basis. After more than 10 years of hosting experience we can say that we can deliver a high quality hosting service with an up-time of 99%. More...

Lalakoi Publishing Website Portfolio

Lalakoi Publishing develops and designs website now for more than 10 years. Below are some of our most recent developments and designs. At first we only designed our own websites and now we also do websites for our customers. Our main aim in designing websites is to offer our customers a clean websites with good results on search engines.

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