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About Lalakoi Web Design and General Website Services.

The Lalakoi Online Publishing Network Takes Your Website to the First Page Of Search Engines

Lalakoi is a family business which was established in May 2000. Our business started as a home based accommodation booking office. We did not have a website at this stage. As our business grew and grew our communication costs (telephone, internet and fax) also grew to thousands of Rand per month. To minimize costs we launched our first website one year later. To market our website we bought sponsored links at several search engines, which also cost a fair amount each month.

At that stage we decided to develop an online publishing network to market our websites. Our aim was to get to google top ten as soon as possible without the traditional high costs. And BINGO, we succeeded. We are often getting more than one position for our articles and products published on our websites, on the first page of search engines.

Get Top Positions For Your Websites On Search Engines.

To have a website is one thing but to have a website which is search engine friendly is another matter. During the past years the publishing network grew from strengths to strengths and we can say with confidence that our websites perform well on several search engines. All the websites we design are also mobile friendly. Today the online publishing network plays a large part our websites top positions on search engines. No more monthly expenses to search engines for sponsored links.

  • The following services are offered by Lalakoi:
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Copy Writing
  • Garden Route Directory Listings
  • Business Advertising
  • Online Network Marketing
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